Accessible Properties provide Lifemark® rated social housing

Accessible Properties manages the largest non-government housing portfolio in New Zealand. It also aims to provide top quality housing for low-income tenants with social support needs (physical or intellectual disability).

The units they build reflect a long held commitment to providing housing that is accessible to those with disabilities.

What does it mean to be a Lifemark® partner?

“Being a Lifemark® Partner and requiring all Designers to follow the Lifemark® Design Standards has made reaching this goal all the more achievable. Because they are smaller it does cost us a bit of space, but with the builders who we use regularly it doesn’t cost us any more. We have opportunity to get a better calibre of tenant because they have a genuine need. In addition, they are likely to stay there long term.”
Accessible Properties Housing Development Manager Nigel Smith.

Accessible Properties have built over 180 homes in the last few years. Typically, one to two bedroom units at 4 or 5 star Lifemark® rating.