Lifemark™ April Newsletter – Live long and prosper

April Newsletter – Live long and prosper

April newsletterThe April Newsletter is here!
This month we are talking about ageing! We all age, and when there are more people in a specific age group and those people grow older, then this has societal impacts. There is a lot that can be done privately to assist their chance of living a healthy life, and there is a lot that can be done to ensure society values the ageing population and makes living easy. As we live longer, we want to prosper as well.

This month, we also share feedback about the walk-up apartment, it’s time to discuss!

What else?
Discover some easy tasks you can achieve during Easter long week-end, our new partners (Merquip and Purity Homes) and save the date for the NZ home expo (our partner Eco Green Homes will be participating)!

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