Lifemark® official rating: no pretenders allowed…

Check for free if you really have an official Lifemark® rating

no pretenders allowedWe have noticed an increasing number of people/organisations are now requesting that a dwelling or development will be built to Lifemark® standards, which is great.

However, in some instances, the person drawing up the plans does not send these through for an independent review and certification. Instead they pretend.

All Lifemark® rated plans are independently reviewed by us. Self-certification is not a reliable review method as the results are often over inflated. We also issue an official provisional rating certificate at the time of building consent and then a final certificate when the dwelling/project is completed.

If you do not have one of these certificates, then it may not be designed to the Lifemark® standards you have paid for, contracted and expected to receive.

To check if your project or house has or is currently being officially rated, please contact us:

0800 227 888