Lifemark Flash Mob for an Accessible Christchurch. Every Body : Every Where
Lifemark - See the World's Oldest Flashmob!
The Lifemark Flash Mob Surprises Shoppers!
The Lifemark Flash Mob: the world’s oldest flash mob surprised shoppers and office workers today with their debut performance outside the Westfield Shopping Centre in Downtown Auckland.

The Lifemark Flash Mob featured 80 senior citizens aged between 65 and 96 years old dancing to a hip hop song.  The Lifemark Flash Mob was established to raise awareness of the Lifemark brand and the aging population.

Many members of the Lifemark Flash Mob are deaf and quite a few are either blind, partially sighted and/or use some form of mobility aid such as a zimmer-frame, wheelchair or walking stick. The average age is 79 years old and the gender mix includes 13 men and 67 women. All Flash Mob members are from Waiheke Island.

To access the video clip of the Lifemark Flash Mob performance on YouTube, CLICK HERE!
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The Lifemark Flash Mob: Coming Soon!
If you want to know where or when the Lifemark Flash Mob will be performing, sorry we can’t tell you; as it’s top secret! However, if you subscribe to our online newsletter and ‘like’ our Facebook page, you will be one of the first people in the world to know when the video of the Lifemark Flash Mob performance has been uploaded onto YouTube.

The Lifemark Flash Mob features 80 people aged 65 years old to 96 years.  They started rehearsals in June on Waiheke Island and will be doing their debut performance in Auckland in August.

Lifetime Design Strategy and Development Manager, Travis O’Keefe says the Flash Mob’s live performance will be on the news, YouTube and sent around the world via the Internet and Twitter for everyone to see.

“It’s going to be a very big event and there will be a lot of national and international publicity around it. The Lifemark Flash Mob was created to help raise awareness of the aging population and the Lifemark design standards,” says O’Keefe.

“At the moment far too many homes are being built that ignore the fact that in just eighteen years time one third of our population will be over 65 years old. Rather than excluding this whole section of the community, we want housing developers and architects to consider their needs when they design and build houses.

“It’s time we celebrated, rather than excluded, our senior citizens.

 “One of the reasons why people will find the Lifemark Flash Mob so entertaining is because it is a sight we rarely see; older people with such high levels of mobility.  We all know the Lifemark Flash Mob is probably not a true reflection of reality. The fact is, quite a large proportion of people over the age of 65 years have a physical disability and struggle to live independently in their own home because the design of their house simply doesn’t work for them. They then have to prematurely go into specialised housing units or retirement villages well before their time.

“Senior citizens who are disabled and living in specialised housing units need other more-able bodied people in their age group to speak up for them and represent their housing needs. The Lifemark Flash Mob will be doing that job for them in a fun, positive and engaging way. Too often people turn away when you mention a social issue that needs to be addressed, so it was decided it was better to address the issue with a really entertaining public event that puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

“In less than 20 years time one third of our population will be over the age of 65 years. So we need to start shifting our thinking about how we design and build houses to ensure we can all live independent and fulfilling lives in our own homes as we age. At the moment, most of the houses being built simply won’t be accessible for our aging population. This is because they have uneven or steep access, power outlets that are placed in unreachable positions near the floor, and narrow hallways and shower units that don’t fit a wheelchair or walker.

“The owner of the house, or in many cases the taxpayer, then has to spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to retro-fit the house so the person can still live in it without having to go into a specialised housing unit,” says O’Keefe.

Lifemark design standards include wider doorways, staircases and shower units, electrical outlets that are placed higher up the wall for easier reach, and the positioning of dwangs in bathroom walls so handrails can be fixed at a later date if needed.  

“If we wait another 20 years before incorporating Lifemark design standards into new homes, it could be too late; our houses just won’t cater for a large proportion of the population. None of us want to see our senior citizens having to move out of their own homes or fork out their life savings for retro-fitting just because of a physical disability.

“However, if we do it right and think about accessibility when designing and building new houses, we can all enjoy an independent and happy life in our own home regardless of our age or ability,” says O’Keefe.

As a Flash Mob needs to be a surprise, the exact date and location of the live performance cannot be revealed until after it has already happened.

“Although most people won’t know when or where the Lifemark Flash Mob has performed until after the fact, people who subscribe to our newsletter and ‘like’ our Facebook page will be the very first people in the world to be informed and will be sent the link to the video clip on YouTube within minutes of it being uploaded,” says O’Keefe.

For more information about The Lifemark Flash Mob, keep watching this space!
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